This is a video from the masterclass series presented by Boston University featuring the ever enchanting and so very talented, Denyce Graves.  She is working with students, and talks about the value of having a good support system and rooted foundation while singing.  I “particularly” like this b/c she does not attempt to teach any specific technique which is almost impossible in only fifteen minutes.  She brings everything back to basics and focuses on how “simple singing” (that is NOT trying to manufacture sounds or manipulate the voice so much that the natural colors and tone can’t shine through) is some of the most beautiful and healthy.  It is only through a good foundation in your knowledge of vocal pedagoy and your voice, that true, good, and healthy artistry can develop.

(this does run a little long so if you’d like to watch make sure you have the time to devote to it but i can say it is all worth it)

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